Thursday, 7 November 2013

Importance of Energy Modeling for Building Design Process

No one can undermine the importance of Energy Modeling for Building Design Process!

Ideally, one should consider the energy modeling processes in new buildings to ensure the best benefits and to keep the associated costs low.  For example, wall insulation and other energy retrofits are cheap for new but expensive when it comes to installation in new buildings.

About Energy Modeling

LEED Energy Modeling

Energy modeling involves the development of a computerized design of buildings to estimate their annual energy consumption costs. This involves use of specialized software with a modeler for providing as much information as required about both the building location as well as the construction itself. The function of the relevant software is to generate detailed estimates regarding consumption of energy in specific cases.

In the start of the building design process, this kind of energy modeling can offer different alternatives via parametric runs. This is an ideal scenario for those looking to gain long-term goals related to energy efficiency.

After all, you will be able to pick up the most energy efficient software available designs ensuring maximum related benefits.

Reason for Such Modeling

In case of complex building designs energy modeling offers and accurate picture related to energy use of a particular construction. It will also allow compliance with codes for energy efficiency standard on any given scenario. The faster you start with such software use at the start of the building design processes higher are the related benefits.

Services offered

  • Energy modeling, simulation, and analysis
  • Analysis of lighting systems
  • Ascertaining the micro-climate
  • Fenestration analysis
  • View & daylight simulation analysis
  • External/internal CFD studies & simulations
  • Passive design review & feasibility studies
  • Energy simulation of whole building
  • Roof & wall assembly optimization
Energy modeling is a comprehensive process taking into account every aspect of the building and its surroundings for giving an accurate estimate.

Energy Modeling Importance
  • Saving incentive for property owner & tenants
  • Future proofing of new constructions
  • Complete energy efficient development
  • Contributions to organization sustainability
  • Attracting responsible investors
  • Future proofing against reporting requirement
Competent energy modeling company offers clients the chance to invest in cost-effective models allowing long-standing benefits. Presence of state of the art technologies allows accurate predictions and selection of the best models for ensuring the maximum advantage.

Incorporation of appropriate techniques during the building design process offers a real opportunity for achieving significant savings in energy consumption. This mostly depends upon systems comprehensive approach related to building owners and developers.

With, energy modeling for building design process company working closely with builders and offering the best suggestions incorporation energy efficient techniques is quite possible.

Control energy consumption right from the building design process and do your bit for the ‘Go Green’ movement with competent energy modeling.

Why Choose TrueCADD?

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