Saturday, 4 January 2014

Common Mistakes When Hiring a Structural Engineering Consultant

Can you deny the importance of a structural engineering consultant in your building project?

Then you simply do not know anything!

What does professional structural engineers do?
Building Construction Management

A structural engineering consultant is the person in charge when it comes to ensuring the specific purpose of a construction. They make sure that it remains safe, functioning, and economic throughout right from the planning stage.

Builders looking to give the maximum value for money and high satisfaction to their customers cannot afford to make wrong decisions when hiring a structural engineer.

Here below are some of the common mistakes you should avoid for your own peace of mind.

Don't Rush Recruitment

Are you planning a building project anytime soon?

Have you hired a structural engineer yet?

Do you want to postpone the same to the very last minute?

Then you'll be making a very big mistake.

Remember, structural engineering consultation is the most important part of any building process.

Hiring of a competent professional should be only after an in depth analysis of the capabilities because the safety and viability of your whole construction depends upon it. 

Leaving it up to the last minute or rushing through it can lead to crucial mistakes, which can undermine the overall quality of the project from the very start.

Haphazard Interview Process

Do you have selection process in mind for recruitment of an appropriate structural engineering consultant?

One of the most important parts of recruitment is obviously an exhaustive interview process.
There should be no compromises with questions and in-depth analysis of every prospect to ensure that only the best comes aboard in the end. Otherwise, you will be making compromises with the overall success of the construction work you have in mind.
Haphazard question and answer process that does not consider the qualifications, experience, reliability, and past projects of the candidate is useless to say the least!

Incomplete Background Check

You should know whom you are hiring!

This is simply impossible without a thorough background check of your prospective engineer. So, you have found a stellar candidate who seems to be an embodiment of the perfect structural engineering consultant.

How do you know he/she is not lying when it comes to experiences or achievements?

Have you done research into their past work to know for sure?

Remember, there is high competition among structural engineers to land the plum jobs. In such a scenario, they will use every possible way to bag a project. So, the onus lies on you to separate the grain from chaff and ensure the best choice possible.

Therefore, take background check lightly at your own risk!

Depending Solely on Hiring Agency

Are you depending on a hiring agency to find a company and structural engineering consultant for your project? This is no doubt a good idea if time is a constraint but relying solely on them may prove to be hazardous. Even the best hiring agency may not be privy to your requirement specifics.

Therefore, do not forget to conduct in-house interviews before the final selection, once your hiring agency offers some probable candidates.

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